Our styles center on British and Belgian ales with a West Coast edge. We will also produce an extensive array of specialty and seasonal beers.  Our current tap list changes on a regular bases and is often avaliable on our Facebook page.gm

Upcoming beer recipes we have carefully crafted and plan to feature when we open:

Citra IPA - All the big hop flavor and aroma you’d expect from an IPA, showcasing mango and passion fruit flavors and aroma from Citra hops. Bittering won’t linger too long, so you can enjoy that next sip - an IPA that’s hoppy, but balanced at the finish.

Steamphunk Farmhouse Saison + * - Slightly tart and wonderfully complex. This farmhouse ale has a delicious “funky” character brought in from the wild Brettanomyces, as well as a great cracked-pepper spiciness found in traditional Saison

Joyland Imperial Red - A big Imperial Red coming in at 9.2% ABV.  Our recipe blends Maris Otter English Pale Malt with U.S. 2-row Pale malt, then adds Belgian Aromatic Malt to create a deliciously malty/hoppy balance.  Dry hopping with generous amounts of Amarillo and Simcoe hops give an instant “hop-bomb” aroma.  More malt balance than the usual West-Coast “Hop Head” Imperial IPA, this Imperial Red satisfies your hop addiction, but finishes complex and smooth.

35th Street Robust Porter – This captures our idea of British Ales with a West Coast Edge. Darker, hoppier, and stronger than a traditional Porter while still very drinkable. This beer took 2nd Place at the 2012 California State Fair.

Brimstone  – Our Belgian Strong Golden, the “real champagne of beers”, is dry and highly carbonated. Made with Pilsner Malts and Belgian Candi Sugar this beer has a light finish and delicious Belgian flavor and aroma. Don’t be fooled by its drinkability, Brimstone is 9% ABV.

Embrace – A Belgian Dark Strong Ale. Embrace the Dark with this velvety dark strong Belgian-Style Ale. Made with just a touch of Chocolate Malts to add depth, color, and complexity.

India Ink Ale - A Black interpretation of a West Coast India Pale Ale. Classic hop flavor from dry hopping with Amarillo & Cascade and a slight roastiness from Midnight Wheat Malt.

Ropeswing Cream Ale – A light drinkable beer perfect for a day on the river.  Light drinkable beer with a crisp finish. Brewed with Golden Promise Malt for that more defined flavor. Similar to a light American lager.

Rower’s RyePA – A balanced IPA with plenty of hops but a nice malty finish made special with a small addition of malted and flaked rye to the recipe, then dry-hopped with Amarillo and Cascade hops.

Neckthumper Russian Imperial Stout – A big and flavorful interpretation of the classic Russian Imperial Stout historically brewed in London for export to the Russian Imperial Court.  Our version has rich dark fruit flavors to balance the coffee notes and bitterness from the roasted barley and big hop-bill, along with a slight warmth from the 9.5% ABV.

Barrel Aged Specialty Beers - We will have an extensive barrel-aging program to produce beers like Bourbon-Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, as well as “wild” beers like our Flanders Red Ale and Rum-Barrel Aged Saison.

         Lily Wit Belgian-Style Witbier - 400 year old style that died out in the 50’s and just recently reintroduced.                  Refreshing light colored wheat beer with a touch of spice and sweet orange peel and a crisp feel.